Clock calibration

Each clock has been calibrated, tested and is ready for use. DO NOT MOVE THE CLOCK HANDS WITH YOUR FINGERS! You may damage the movement by doing so. Instead, use the dial in the back of the clock movement to set the time on the clock.

If the clock is out of alignment, follow these steps to re-calibrate the minute and hour hands:


  1. Unscrew the brass cap nut counter-clockwise with your fingers
  2. Remove the minute hand
  3. Remove the hour hand by pulling it out straight from the shaft
  4. Temporarily place the minute hand over the shaft, rotate the hand clockwise until it is pointing at the “12” position on the clock
  5. Lift the hand off
  6. Choose any number on your dial (9:00) to align the hour hand with. Very carefully press the hour hand straight down onto the tapered, friction-fit hour shaft until the hand is firmly in place. *Note: In the event that the hour hand is not perfectly aligned with the number on the dial that you have chose, DO NOT try to rotate the hand hub on the tapered shaft. Instead, lift the hand straight off and re-align.)
  7. Place the minute hand back onto the shaft
  8. Screw the brass cap nut back on